Little Venice in Mykonos
Little Venice

Mykonos is probably the ‘hottest’ island on the Mediterranean comparable only to Ibiza in terms of nightlife and incomparable in terms of landscape. It is one of the most cosmopolitan holiday resorts, frequented by the global jet set along with the serious summer clubbers. It is one of the hottest global brand names along with Santorini.

Mykonos has been active from the ancient times and has a history similar to the other Cyclades, passing from the ancient Greeks to the Romans, the Byzantines, the Venetians and later back to the Greeks.

Lia beach in Mykonos
Lia beach

Mykonos has one of the most captivating Horas (main cities) in the Cyclades and large number of beaches all around the island that will unquestionably satisfy any preference (sand, pebbles, busy, jet-set, beach-bar, quiet, etc.). They are usually windy and always crystal clear.

Mykonos has many hotels, apartments, rooms, studios, campings, etc. to choose from.

what do I need to see in Mykonos

Agios Nikolaos church at the old port in Mykonos
Agios Nikolaos church at the old port

Hora – The capital of the island and one of the most beautiful Horas you will ever see. Walk around, shop around, eat, drink, enjoy. Hora has been maltreated a lot in the past years due to the increased exploitation by the tourism industry, but it still manages to keep its picturesque beauty. The white houses and the narrow paved alleys around the town add to its unique character. Walking around the white-washed alleys you will get lost in and you will find yourself in a different neighbourhood each time.

Sunset at Little Venice in Mykonos
Sunset at Little Venice

Walk to Alefkandra and Little Venice to see the houses on the sea front and then walk to Kastro to see the church of Panagia Paraportiani with its unique architecture. From Alefkandra walk to the white windmills, the ‘trademark’ of Mykonos. Hora has many hotels, apartments, rooms, studios, campings, etc. to choose from.

Agrari, Kalo Livadi – Probably the best beaches of the island, in a beautiful landscape and with crystal clear-cold waters. Agrari is quiet. Kalo Livadi is more busy and trendy but you will find quiet areas of it, as well.

Super Paradise beach in Mykonos
Super Paradise

Paradise, Super Paradise beaches – These are the main clubbing beaches of the island, packed with clubbers, jet-setters, wannabies, models and anything else you can imagine.

Kalafatis, Ornos beaches – These are more quiet beaches, still busy, especially Ornos, but not as “crazy” as the rest. Kalafatis is the main surfing beach of the island, although the most adventurous surfers go to Ftelia for wave riding. This area has many hotels, apartments, rooms, studios, campings, etc. to choose from.

Fokos, Agios Sostis, Agia Anna beaches – These are typically quiet beaches even in busy periods of the summer.

“Mykonos is the place to be if you want to visit the sacred island of the ancient Greeks, Delos. Take the daily cruise to Delos. You will be amazed.”

More information on Mykonos from wikipedia, here.

hints & tips about Mykonos

sunset over the windmills in Mykonos
sunset over the windmills
  • Do not miss the sunset from the cool bars in Little Venice which give you the best view of the sunset and the most appropriate music.
  • Hora has more churches than any other Hora in the Cyclades, most of the privately constructed. There should be more than 400.
  • If you are into wind-surfing Ftelia on the North side of the island and Kalafatis on the South side offer excellent wind conditions.
  • While you are in Mykonos taste the local cuisine and the local delicacies such as kopanisti (local very salty, yellow, soft cheese with strong distinctive taste), loutza (local pork meat, cured and seasoned, similar to italian coppa), fresh fish, local almond sweets and wine.

    church in Hora in Mykonos
    church in Hora
  • You will find lots of deserted windmills in Mykonos, remnants of the old days and indicators of the islands strong winds.
  • You can visit the Archaeological Museum to see exhibits from Neolithic to Roman times and the Naval Museum.
  • Pay attention to your room selection since there are lots of low quality rooms, especially in Hora. The tourism explosion has transmogrified the traditional character of Hora and the island in general, making each and every small room a room to let.
  • Most of the night life action is concentrated in Hora where you will find numerous bars playing from mainstream dance and greek, to all sorts of house and indie music. I am sure that you will find what is appropriate for your taste.
  • As soon as the bars in Hora shutdown the fun continues in Paradise beach until late in the next morning. The music there is mainly house and lots of DJs from abroad play each summer. I am sure that you will not be disappointed by the nightlife.
  • Mykonos is one of the most popular gay vacations’ destination due to the bars-clubs and the summer lifestyle on the island. So ‘beware’ of the assorted gay couples strolling around the alleys and flocking around selected bars.

    Paraportiani in Hora in Mykonos
    Paraportiani church in Hora
  • Mykonos tends to be extremely touristy during the hot summer months (July, August) and it is better if you manage vacation days in May, June or September.
  • Do not forget to visit Panagia Paraportiani which is an unusual complex of five combined churches.
  • Do not miss the local festivities (panigyri) where the person owning the church and holding the festivities (panygiras) organises the music, dance, food and wine.
  • In Mykonos you will find many hotels, apartments, rooms, studios, campings, etc. to choose from.