Greece • Hellas is a unique place, the light, the sea, the wind, the landscape, the beaches, the mountains, the sun, the terroir, the history, the people, the fun, the food, the wine, the climate, the rain, the smell of wet soil, the clarity of the atmosphere, the clear winds, the crystal waters, the picturesque villages, everything makes you feel that this place is gifted. By Nature, by Gods.

Our site is dedicated to the most beautiful places in Greece and presents them in a way the locals would talk about them. With nostalgic images, primarily from the 90s, showing each island, each location, at more innocent times.

Visit Greece to live and experience its true nature and its distinctive character. Not only the character of whole country but the idiosyncrasies of each island, each village, each location. Each one is unique and each one is part of a cultural continuum starting thousands of years ago. Whether in the Aegean Archipelagos or in the mainland city states.

Enjoy online, but most importantly come and enjoy live!

“We would like to thank our good friends for making this happen, by providing their authentic pictures and insights”