New Golden beach in Paros
New Golden beach in Paros

Paros is one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades and the most rapidly growing in terms of touristy action. It is not the totally dry island since its mainland has many mountains and valleys which are being cultivated.

Paros has been active from the Protocycladic Period (3200 – 2800 BC) period, throughout the ancient times where it was highly acknowledged for the excellent parian marbles used in several ancient monuments and artefacts.

Currently, Paros has around 8.000 inhabitants in villages spread all over the island and is one of the most developed islands of the Cyclades. It is equally compared with Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos in terms of tourist action with many hotels, apartments, rooms, studios, campings, etc.

what do I need to see in Paros

Paroikia (Parikia) is a nice Hora, the capital of the island and serves also as the main port. It is a typical Hora, with small paved alleys, lots of white churches and a nice seashore walkway.

alley in Paroikia in Paros
alley in Paroikia

It has improved substantially in the last few years in terms of quality of restaurants, shops and facilities. It is suggested to walk around the alleys and visit the church of Panagia Ekantondapyliani and the remains of the old castle. Paroikia has many hotels, apartments, rooms, studios, etc. to choose from.

Naoussa is the second biggest village and it has the most picturesque old port in Paros and that is why it is frequented by lots of people who visit the fish restaurants and the cool bars.

the old port of Naoussa in Paros
the old port of Naoussa

During the busy summer months it tends to get extremely crowded and noisy. You have to visit the bars at the old port and take a walk at the small bay behind these bars, where things get more quiet and more relaxed. Naoussa has many hotels, apartments, rooms, studios, etc. to choose from.

Kolymbithres beach in Paros
Kolymbithres beach

Kolymbithres, is probably the most peculiar beach of Paros, since the eroded rocky terrain creates nice bathtub like formations where you can swim in (that is where the name Kolymbithres comes from).

It is a nice beach to lie down on rocks and swim around, although it tends to attract lots of people. Monastiri, is a beach after Kolymbithres and it is worth visiting for the nice sandy beach, the shallow waters and the beach bar/restaurant.

Molos beach in Paros
Molos beach

Pounda Beach, is one of the most crowded beaches in Greece and can only be compare to Super Paradise (in Mykonos). It is nice, small, sandy beach with a gigantic beach bar which offers pure fun and activities. This is place where you can see other and be seen, although it is too crowded and you tend to get lost in the crowd. The swimming pool is packed with raving youngsters jumping up and down to the sounds of dance music (house, disco house, indie-pop, etc.) and usually there is lots of fun, especially after a couple of drinks.

windsurfing in Paros
windsurfing in Paros

Logaras, which is the beach before Pounda Beach is a nice and quiet sandy beach and Mesada is a nice beach preferred by the nudists. A very quiet beach is Molos, which is before Pisso Livadi village-beach and is also good for windsurfing, since it is shallow, sandy and windy. This area has many hotels, apartments, rooms, studios, campings, etc. to choose from.

Golden Beach (Chrissi Akti), New Golden Beach (Tserdakia) and Santa Maria are the main windsurfing spots of Paros. Especially, New Golden Beach is the place where a leg of windsurfing championships is sometimes held. Golden Beach is also highly suggested for surfing, although there are also lots of people swimming there. The same holds for Santa Maria, at the north side of Paros, although it is suggested mainly for amateur windsurfers. This areas has many hotels, apartments, rooms, studios, campings, etc. to choose from.

Kolymbithres beach in Paros
Kolymbithres beach in Paros

Pounda (facing Antiparos), is a hotspot for kite surfing and wind surfing. It is a typically windy beach with all the surfing amenities, kite/wind surfing schools and nice hotels, apartments, rooms/studios for those who live-to-surf and do not to waste their time driving around.

Pounda is also the port where you take the boat to Antiparos, island.  Antiparos is definitely worth visiting, even as a day trip.

sunset in Paros
sunset in Paros

Drios, Alyki – Both beaches are nice and quiet and suggested for families and those who want to stay away from the Pounda Beach one-on-top-of-the-other situation.


More information on Paros from wikipedia, here.

hints & tips about Paros

  • You should visit the nice bars in the old port of Naoussa. They tend to get too much ‘traffic’ during the busy summer days but they are definitely worth visiting. Everybody will pass from there.

    Monastiri beach in Paros
    Monastiri beach
  • The night life and the restaurant culture in Paroikia has improved dramatically in the last few years and currently it offers some excellent choices, compared to Naoussa. Some of the top gourmet restaurants of Paros are currently located in Paroikia and they are definitely worth visiting.
  • Whenever we visit Paros we stay at Reppas apartments in Paroikia. Warm people, friendly, offering true local hospitality and a smile everyday.
  • Pisso Livadi is a nice cool village/port which is becoming more and more crowded every year, due to the fact that people tend to go to more quiet places. You can still enjoy some of its cool character, although you should not expect too much.
  • Logaras, next door to Pisso Livadi, has almost the same character but without having a coherent village.

    church at Monastiri beach in Paros
    church at Monastiri beach
  • Pay attention to the mixup between Pounda and Pounda Beach. The first is the small port which takes you to the island of Antiparos. The second is the island’s most famous, overcrowded, catwalk, too-much-happenning beach bar/club.
  • If you visit Monastiri beach it is highly advisable to visit the back side of the beach, the rocky side. Excellent rocky terrain, eroded by the sea and the wind and highly recommended for quite swimming. Sometimes it is nice to stay away from the crowds and the shallow waters of Monastiri.

    old coffee shop in Lefkes of Paros
    old coffee shop in Lefkes
  • There are some nice restaurants/taverns at Lefkes, in the mountain mainland of the island. For fish food the old port of Naoussa is suggested although it tends to get awfully busy.
  • Extreme gastronomic experience is the loucoumades (something like donuts in honey + cinnamon) with the extra addition of ice-cream on top. Preferably kaimaki ice-cream.You will find it in the narrow alleys of Naoussa.
  • The best windsurfing spot of the island is New Golden Beach (Tserdakia). It is not recommended for amateur windsurfers, due to the strong winds. The other major windsurfing spots of Paros are Golden Beach (next beach
    to Tserdakia) and Santa Maria (close to Naoussa). A much more quite beach for windsurfing is Molos. Ideal for family surfing vacations since you can find rooms to let right on the beach. Hence, your sails are always trimmed.

    remnants of the old Venetian castle in Paroikia
    remnants of the old Venetian castle in Paroikia
  • The best camping to go if you are windsurfing is the one in Pisso Livadi, since you are close to the best surfing spots and you can sleep next door to you car and surfing equipment. The camping in Santa Maria is pretty crowded but also highly suggested for windsurfers since it is located on the seashore and you do not need your car to load and unload equipment. In addition to that, your sail can be always trimmed.
  • One of the few beaches still remaining for nudists is Messada, between Pounda Beach and Tserdakia.
  • Laggeri is also suitable for nudists and it is also considered gay-friendly.
  • At Molos, you will find mud-soil appropriate for peeling. Use it and let us know if it actually had a positive effect on your skin.
  • Around Paros you will find many hotels, apartments, rooms, studios, campings, rent-a-car/bike, etc. to choose from.